MoNeTec-2022 Program Committe
TPC Chair
Ruslan Smeliansky (Moscow State University, Russia)

Program Committee Members
          • Alexander Dvorkovich (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia)
          • Alexander Zatsarinny (Federal Research Center Computer Science and Control of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
          • Alexander Sinitsyn (International Center of Informatics and Electronics (ICIE), Russia)
          • Cesar Markondes (Computer Science Division of Aeronautics Institute of Technology, Brazil)
          • Chen Tian (Nanjing University, China)
          • Dmitry Emelyanov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)
          • Dmitry Perepelkin (Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Russia)
          • Donggang Cao (Peking University, China)
          • Evgenii Krouk (HSE Tikhonov Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, Russia)
          • Eugene Koucheryavy (Tampere University, Finland)
          • Hagen Woesner (BISDN, Germany)
          • Hong Mei (Peking University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China)
          • Konstantin Samuylov (RUDN University, Russia)
          • Manoj Shakya (Kathmandu University, Nepal)
          • Min Chen (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
          • Nikolaj Bjorner (Microsoft Research, USA)
          • Pradeeban Kathiravelu (Emory University, USA)
          • Richard Brooks (Clemson University, USA)
          • Serge Fdida (Sorbonne Universit√©, France)
          • Sergey Selivanov (Center of Information Technologies and Systems of Executive State Authorities, Russia)
          • Valeriy Sokolov (Yaroslavl State University, Russia)
          • Vasily Elagin (Bonch-Bruevich Saint Petersburg State University of Telecommunications, Russia)
          • Vera Drozdova (Siberian State University of Telecommunications and Information Science, Russia)
          • Victor Toporkov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)
          • Vitaly Kreindelin (Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Russia)
          • Vladimir Deart (Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Russia)
          • Vladimir Korenkov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia)
          • Vladimir Vishnevsky (Institute of Control Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
          • Zhenchun Huang (Tsingua University, China)