Conference Program
October, 27 – 29

Tuesday, October 27
09.00-10.00 MSK time, welcome speeches (sponsors, organizers)
Session Chair - Ruslan Smeliansky

Ruslan Smeliansky - Opening
Igor Sokolov - Greetings from Comput. Math. and Cybern. Faculty of MSU
Alexandr Rusakov - Greetings from Yaroslavl State University
Alexandr Kuleshov - Greetings from Skoltech
Arutyun Avetisyan - Greetings from ISP RAS
Alexandr Tormasov - Greetings from Innopolis Univ
10.00-12.00 plenary 1
Session Chair - Konstantin Samoulov

10.00-10.30 - Qian Xiao, Huawei - Challenge of Data Communication
10.30-11.00 - Ruslan Smeliansky - MC2E: an overview
11.00-11.30 - Manoi Shakya - Reinforcement Learning in Industry 4.0 Supply Chain
11.30-12.00 - Vladimir Korenkov- The JINR Multifunctional Information and Computing Complex

12.00-13.00 break
13:00-14.20 resource management
Session chair - Vladimir Deart
13.00-13.20 - Evgeniy Stepanov - Dynamic Split TCP
13.20-13.40 - Alexander Sinitsyn - Genetic algorithm application for optimal distribution of network resources for best QoS under financial constraints
13.40-14.00 - Dmitry Yemelyanov - Microscheduling and Randomization Strategies in Distributed and Cloud Computing
14.00-14.20 - Vasily Balashov - Iterative Co-Scheduling of Tasks and Their Data Exchange Through Virtual Link-Based Packet Switched Network

14.20-14.30 break
14.30-15.30 traffic analysis
Session Chair - Anatoly Bahmurov
14.30-14.50 - Roman Solovey - Game-theoretic approach to self-regulation of dynamic network infrastructure to protect against cyber attacks
14.50-15.10 - Vladimir Mankov - Development Of A Feature Matrix For Classifying Network Traffic In SDN In Real-time Based On Machine Learning Algorithms
15.10-15.30 - Igor Kotenko - Identification of the Traffic Model Parameters for Network and Cloud Platform Security Management

15.30-16.00 break
16.00-17.30 plenary 2
Session chair - Ruslan Smeliansky
16.00-16.30 - Glenn Ricart - A virtuous cycle in future Internet
16.30-17.00 - Richard Brooks - Global Internet Traffic Routing and Privacy
17.00-17.30 - Evgeniy Koucheryavy - On the way towards Networks 2030

Wednesday, October 28
09.30-11.30 MSK time, plenary 3
Session Chair - Victor Toporkov
09.30-10.00 - Xiangyu Chen - Algorithm and coding challenges for distributed storage
10.00-10.30 - Alexander Zatharinny - The experience of the FRC CSC RAS in creating a digital platform for scientific research in the cause of digital transformation
10.30-11.00 - Serge Fdida - Research Infrastructure in Digital Sciences: Challenges and opportunities
11.00-11.30 - Yannick Legre - Boost your QoS by making your services SHARP
11.30-12.15 break
12.15-14.35 infrastructure and applications
Session Chair - Vladimir Korenkov
12.15-12.35 - Andrey Baginyan - JINR Network Infrastructure for Megascience Projects
12.35-12.55 - Andrey Reshetnikov - Quantum Software Engineering Supremacy in Intelligent Robotics
12.55-13.15 - Dmitry Volkanov - Representation of the OpenFlow Switch Flow Table
13.15-13.35 - Marina Sinyakova - Slicer: A network hypervisor with an automatic mapping of virtual network topology
13.35-13.55 - Victor Netes - Modern Network Technologies and Dependability
13.55-14.15 - Andrey Chupakhin - Application of recommender systems approaches to the MPI program execution time prediction
14.15-14.35 - Gregory Kulikovskih - Quotes Forecasting Method Based on News Analysis as Part of an Internet Cloud Service

14.35-14.45 break
14.45-15.45 security
Session Chair - Rasheed Hussain
14.45-15.05 - Ilya Makarenko, Sergey Semushin - A Comparative Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms in the Internet of Things
15.05-15.25 - Victor Piskovski - The Research of a Method to Identify a Workstation via a Monitor Snapshot
15.25-15.45 - Victor Piskovski - Endpoint Cloud Terminal as an approach to secure the use of an enterprise private cloud

15.45-16.00 break
16.00-17.30 plenary 4
Session Chair - Vitaly Antonenko
16.00-16.30 - Ilya Baldin - FABRIC: Network Construction Kit for the Future Internet
16.30-17.00 - Pradeeban Katiravelu - A Software-Defined Internet for Latency-Sensitive Web Service Workflows
17.00-17.30 - Cesar Marcondes - HonIoT: Highly Interactive Honeynet Architecture with Controllable Malware Propagation for IoT

Thursday, October 29

09.30-11.10 MSK time, wireless
Session Chair - Dmitry Lakontsev
09.30-09.50 - Evgeny Mokrov - Prototyping 5g network in laboratory testbed with virtual deployment environment
09.50-10.10 - Alexander Lisnichuk - Adaptive to interference software-defined transmitter and receiver of radio signals based on multi-criteria synthesis of signal set
10.10-10.30 - Andrey Batishchevs - Adaptive software-configurable system development to receive, transmit and process information
10.30-10.50 - Margarita Ushakova - Research of productivity of software configurable infrastructure in vanet networks on the basis of models of hybrid data transmission devices
10.50-11.10 - Maxim Grachev - Adaptive software-configurable system development to receive, transmit and process information

11.10-11.30 - Ruslan Smeliansky - Closing speech
11.30-12.30 break
12.30-14.30 posters, exhibition
Elena Goryunova - The system of interaction of mobile agents according to the metric characteristics of their distribution
Alexander Mikov - Resistance to Disturbances of Scalable Mobile Information-Centric Networks information on submission 20
Denis Kukushkin - Daddy: Data Dependancy Graphs in Serverless Computing
Nikita Nikiforov - Data Structures for Classification in the Network Processor without the Separated Associative Device
Alexey Nazarov - Bot-cyber attacks as IAAS class cloud systems
Yaroslav Kuzmin - A Support for the Stateful Data Plane Algorithms in the Network Processing Unit Architecture
Dmitry Volkanov - MSc program, joint track «Advanced Computing and Networks» (ACN) (CMC MSU - Skoltech)